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11/14/99 - 11/16/06


(Hips: OFA Good, Eyes: CERF, Elbows: OFA Clear, Optigen "A", Heart: OFA Clear)

Once in a blue moon a dog will come into your life and change you forever. Rocky was this dog. He has blessed me with his son John, and I cannot imagine where I would be without the constant lessons John teaches me. Everyone who has a pup from Rocky is so pleased that he passed on his wonderful nature and smarts to his children. I will always miss him, and I am humbled to have loved and shared my life with him. He was a constant gentleman and endless source of joy. We love and miss you Rocky.

Some of Rocky 's accomplishments include:


  • LRCPV BEST OPPOSITE IN SWEEPS - Judge Diane Ammerman

  • LRCPV SPECIALTY - 1ST 12-18 - Judge Mike Lanctot

  • WINDHAM COUNTY KC (Supported entry) - BEST OPPOSITE SWEEPS - Judge Olga Evelyn

  • JAM LRCC Specialty under Mrs. Nolan (Veyatie)

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