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Here at Cabin Creek, on our 16-acre farm, our Labradors are an intricate and vital part of our daily lives.  They are true friends and members of the family.  As the years have progressed, the lineages here a Cabin Creek have continued to prove true.  Through our selective breeding process, we have identified a particularly special line of dogs.  


I have been working with these animals for 8 generations and they are the most amazing, wonderful dogs.  This line has gone on to do many great things, exhibiting continued success in a variety of desirable roles.  Our dogs have gone on to become Champion Trackers, UDX dogs, agility winners, therapy dogs, and hunting dogs, among a variety of other roles.  Cabin Creek Labradors are specially selected animals who have that sweet loving temperament and live long healthy lives well into their teens.


  Knowledge, Passion, Tradition, and Quality. 

At Cabin Creek we have the experience necessary to breed the very best Labradors.  Labradors are in our blood, they have been a huge part of our lives and their role has helped shape the lives of my own family.  For over three decades we at Cabin Creek have always tried to do the very best for our family of Labradors and they, in turn, have done their best for us.

Lots of room to exercise, the best food, and thorough medical care, are all trademarks of Cabin Creek Labs.  And with no kennel insight, at Cabin Creek everyone gets plenty of attention every single day.  We also conduct and provide all health testing that is currently available such as, DNA testing for inherited diseases aside from hips, elbows, and hearts.  At Cabin Creek Labradors we really love and take pride in our dogs.  They are provided for in the most exacting standards, we want only the best for them and the families they will be joining. 


We strive to produce only happy, healthy puppies and we do this for the love of the breed. No expense is ever spared: we feed only the best foods and give our dogs the best medical care possible.  There is no kennel in sight.  Each dog at Cabin Creek lives as a part of our family until they have a chance to join another.  

Each litter here continues to be an event and is looked forward to with much anticipation.  Being a small breeder something we have never lost sight of is the fact that you are making a commitment to another family member.  This is a commitment to a family member that you will love and cherish for a decade and more.

30 years and counting of labs and it couldn’t be done without the support and help from family!

The Labradors of Cabin Creek bring me endless joy and great fulfillment.  This breed is truly the best.  As an AKC Breeder of Merit, I've had quite a bit of experience with other breeds in my life, but this is the one that can do it all.  Through the years we have bred a few loving couch potatoes here at Cabin Creek, but also we've had great success with our dogs in the breed ring, the agility field, as hunting partners, and as advanced obedience dogs.  We have even had 2 Champion trackers!  Our trackers, with a pass rate of 3 percent, was probably my proudest Labrador moment ever.

The Labradors of Cabin Creek are calm in the house, yet possess the characteristics to go on a successful hunting trip.  When asked they will happily rest peacefully with their owners or do a weekend of agility, obedience, or even my favorite...tracking!  At Cabin Creek we're the model of consistency and dependability, always expecting easily trainable dogs with outstanding looks and brains, in every litter. 

At Cabin Creek Labradors, we treat our dogs seriously.  They are a part of our family and we afford them the care and respect they deserve.  What it comes down to is that all of us here at Cabin Creek LOVE OUR LABRADORS!!



Click here to see our litter information and which dogs are expecting!

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